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About us



This is a division of JEEVAGRAM, a non-profit organization for the uplift of the marginalized and unorganized masses of Kerala, which promotes organic and sustainable farming among the small and marginal farmers with an objective to enhance the living standards of these farmer community and to protect the environment from chemical and pesticide contamination and eventually this will provide safe food for the   human and animal community.

Salient Features

Our efforts in this direction help to reduce the green house emissions. Organic farming  has a vital role in the protection of the environment, as it helps to alleviate global warming by reducing the production of Chloro-Fluro carbon. Total conversion of the agricultural land, in to climate friendly organic farms, could reduce emissions by 15 to 20 percent.

It will avoid pollution of the Soil, Water and Air, which is to be conserved for the generations to come.

It ensures safe food for the human and animal community.

It protects the bio diversity in its original shape and size.

To propagate vegetarianism , as reduction in meat consumption is key to climate protection. According to Oliver Willing from the Future of the Farming Trust: less meat is better for the climate, for animals and for human health.



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