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         Organic Farming


Jeevagram promotes organic and sustainable farming among the small and marginal farmers with an objective to enhance the living standards of these farmer community and to protect the environment from chemical and pesticide contamination and eventually this will provide safe food for the   human and animal community.


293 certified organic farmers





200 Ha of certified Organic farm land





Scientifically constituted ICS





Certified by Lacon India.





Organic farmers service centers (Jaivakendras) 





Centralized procurement processing and Marketing. 





Net work of 50 women JLGs (Activity groups) producing variety of organic products.





JEEVAGRAM s committed supervision 



         Other Projects







Various income generating projects detailed below are undertaken by women activity groups called              Swa Dharma Sanghams(SDS)







Organic Mushroom cultivation  















Organic Poultry for egg and meet  















Organic Vegetable cultivation  















Organic Fish culture   
















Organic  Duck farming   
















Organic Dairying
















Organic Kada farming  
















Organic  Goat rearing   















Organic  Rabit rearing   















Wormi Culture
















Organic   Anthurium & Orchid















Organic Pickle and curry powders


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